How it's Made

What goes into a page for Crypts & Crazies?


It all starts in GIMP, looking something like this:

This framework has a few things laid out for quick usage; namely the text layers with the right fonts and sizes ready.

From here, I begin writing dialogue based on story and character notes with reference to the previeous page on hand to try to ensure good reading flow:

This often will include me adjusting lines until I'm 99% happy with them.  Here, we have blah fill in for real lines.

After I've got the lines to a point where I'm okay with them, I make copy of the page that I bring over to Paint to make the text balloons:

With my page in place, I bring over a set of balloon frames I'd made to keep the balloons at a consistant size:

I use the left side frames for single lines, and the right side ones for larger lines that require more space.

The colored circles will come in later; don't worry about them yet.

Once I've got my frames ready, I put them in place around the text:

I use the rounded boxes for player and NPC lines, and the squared off boxes for effects and GM lines.

Now let's get back to those circles with the balloons built:

If you haven't already guessed, I use these as a color palette for the colored balloons in the comic.

I then remove the text from each balloon and fill it in with the color I need:

Don't worry, I still have all my lines.

Now that I've got my colored balloons custom fitted for my text, it's time to pull the balloons into GIMP under my text layers:

Next, I have to get rid of the white background from Paint.  I just use the Select by Color Tool:

And then cut the extra color outside the balloons.

All that's left now, is to put the text into the balloons and split them into seperate layers.

Then I can put them where they need to go once I've got my panels set up.

For panels, I've got a folder full of screenshots I've taken in the game that I pull from:

If I find I don't already have a screenshot of something I need, I just pop into the game and take one.  Or several...

Anyway, once I've figured out what I'm using, I drop the images into GIMP under the text balloons:

These are too large, so I crop and resize them to what I need:

Last things I do with GIMP are moving those balloons where they need to go and exporting the image:

Back in Paint, I add my signature and balloon tails for in character lines:

And that's it; one page.