Misc. Bits

For all those behind the scenes type things that don't quite fit anywhere else.
WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers for the comic in this section; I'd read to the latest update before checking this out.

Look at This Photograph...

There have been a few points where I took pictures of stuff to use as panels for things outside the game, click the images to view full size.

Used to imply a table, this is actually just an empty bookshelf with a few things stacked up.

Here, you can get a better look at all the tabletop books, notably the White Wolf and AD&D ones.  I don't think it's in the shot, but somewhere on this shelf was a copy of The Book of Erotic Fantasy.

My front door, complete with brass cats.  The real one doesn't creak like the comic's counterpart when opened.

A set of my mum's dice; thought they'd be a good fit for Cristy.

Second bookshelf shot, showing off some old Battletech books and other tabletop stuff.  All this stuff was moved to clear out the bookshelves in favor of some tall cabinets to use for movies.  The gaming stuff now sits in a much nicer cabinet closer to where I game.