Witless Protection

02/11/2019 in Set 1: Is This a Zombie?
Witless Protection
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Sleepy Steeve 08/08/2017
Sleepy Steeve
Unlike modern role playing video games, tabletop games tend to favor fewer, longer, quest lines. Rather than loading a player down with the problems of everyone in town, focus can be better placed on things that are central to the theme of the campaign or player characters in it.

There are already people with jobs to send things to and fro in most game worlds; why bog down the thrill seeking adventurers with Nancy's letter to Adam unless it's really important?

Or the players are just starting out, and you waned to give them something small with low stakes...

Personally, I like to set up two stories that players can advance at their own pace, or have a primary goal that has a backseat world story that unravels as the players run through the first. Then I just sprinkle side jobs in as needed.