Where the Money Flows Like Water

03/05/2019 in Set 1: New Beat
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Where the Money Flows Like Water
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Sleepy Steeve
I just want to note how hard it was for me to get Cerebella to fly past Beowulf like that. Total pain, but it got better when the debug mode was added to training.


nmWarden 03/07/2019 edit delete reply
I can confidently say your work paid off! The panel layout is perfect as always. I'm usually a big fan of the backgrounds you choose. This time my eyes are drawn to mister-brown-pants hiding behind Mr Saxophone. I wouldn't be surprised if this stage just had a lot of stuff going on the background. I'm not going to suggest that cases like the background guy ought to be edited out, but in this case it draws attention away from the mechanical monstrosity I'm compelled to snort at.

What a costume(?).
Sleepy Steeve

A few of the stages in the game have sets of background characters based on backers from the game's crowdfunding campaign. There are a whole bunch of interesting and colorful characters to be found there.

My favorite on that stage has to be a pair of dogs dressed up as Street Fighter characters:

I'm pretty sure that's Trades behind Big Band...