Legend of the Skullheart

11/13/2018 in Set 1: Setting the Stage
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Legend of the Skullheart
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Author Notes:

Sleepy Steeve
Sometimes it can help you to paint in broad strokes while describing things within or about a campaign setting. This can leave things some room to grow in different directions from the original plans if the players want to explore things that might not normally be there; like politics in a galactic frontier, or the criminal underworld of a high fantasy town.


nmWarden 01/23/2019 edit delete reply
I know nothing about the story or characters of Skullgirls, but I'm super excited to see a successor to webcomics like Aangvanced and the CrystalGMs. Thanks for posting!
Sleepy Steeve
Thanks for reading! I hope this comic is able to hold up to such a legacy, and if not, that you enjoy reading it anyway.