Break the System!

03/19/2019 in Set 1: New Beat
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Break the System!
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Sleepy Steeve
It can be hard to balance combat systems for player versus player without making them really complex. Sometimes a simple solution of streamlining stuff sacrifices depth for ease of use. Different systems have different aims for their combat encounters, and it's best to choose the system based on what you're doing with it. GURPS, for example is very detailed, but systems like Savage Worlds have quick combat resolution. If you're running a game off the cuff, ask your players what they like for combat length and role play depth before picking your game system. Or, if you're like me, you go and stitch together things you like into one super set on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Just be careful you aren't stuffing so much into your house rules that things turn into a mess...


nmWarden 04/07/2019 edit delete reply
I wonder if the universe would explode if some company managed to, for the first time ever, make dexterity the worst stat to invest in. Video games or tabletop, Dex is always strong.
Sleepy Steeve
Somewhat ironically, dex' in Vampire only affects a few stats. Important to characters looking to use firearms but melee based combatants can pretty safely ignore it.

Mind you, dex' is still handy to have in general, but only about as much as any other main stat.