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03/26/2019 in Set 1: New Beat
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Author Notes:

Sleepy Steeve
The actual combat flow in Skullgirls is similar to this at its core. It's a little more complex, but still at the heart of gameplay.


nmWarden 04/07/2019 edit delete reply
I still haven't played Skullgirls, but this combat breakdown certainly sounds accessible to newcomers. I can easily picture describing a PC's unique take on standard attacks and grabs.

Also I'm curious if that is our lovely author's door or something grabbed from the depths of the internet.
Sleepy Steeve
One of the things I'd noticed when I sat down to try Skullgirls is that it finds a nice balance between being easy to pick up and play, but also has enough there to learn and master to remain interesting.

And yes, that is indeed my front door, much like the bookshelves of gaming books in the early pages.