Use it or Lose it

10/29/2019 in Set 2: Take me Home
Use it or Lose it
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Sleepy Steeve 10/29/2019
Sleepy Steeve
Knowing when to move along to a new bit or shift focus to what someone else is doing can be a tricky thing to master. If you're having problems with a Chaotic Everywhere, try using a turn system or pass around a token.
(Chaotic Everywheres are players that can't decide what their characters are doing and try to be part of every action happening.)

I had a player once go full Chaotic Stupid "as an act," during a D&D campaign, so I started having everyone roll for turns to do something and then resolved it in that order. This also helped curb a new player from picking up any Chaotic Everywhere traits he was showing as habits.