Cutting Room Jokes

WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers for the comic in this section; I'd read to the latest update before checking this out.


Stuff that didn't make the cut.

Jokes and ideas I'd gotten rid of as the comic's story stared to take shape.


For context, this was a Madoka Magica reference based around a few of the voice actors being the same between the English dub of Madoka and Skullgirls.  Another part of this idea was to appear in Page 33, but was also cut. (See the "Stuff that changed." section for more on that.)


I was originally going to have Beowulf just as a power gamer who just hit everything with his chair, but I'd later turn him into a deep character roleplayer with a past of power gaming.  I'd also choose to rearange the various Story Modes into a single story, cutting this fight between Beowulf and Cerebella from the original Beowulf Story Mode.

This panel was cut from the end of Page 23 after I ran out of room for it.  S'not like it was an especially interesting punchline.

While I like the joke here, it completely kills the pacing and breaks character too much for the GM. Contrast Page 47, where the page here would've been.

Stuff that changed.

Things I altered in my second pass of quality checking.


Page 4 originaly just had Beowulf standing at the bottom in full color, which worked, but I wanted to replace it with something that flowed better visualy.  A quick hunt through concept sketches later, and I had something that looked a lot better to me.


This one is really minor, but when I went to check over Page 10 I noticed I hadn't added a talking mouth on Beowulf.  I'd later fix that to bring this page in line with the others featuring Beowulf.

Page 25 featured Eliza more directly in early drafts, which was swapped out for a panel of her limo to give the page better flow.  Much like the line changes to make the reading a bit more clear.

As you can probably see from this sample of pages, using Vivi's text balloon color from her brief appearance in the test pages was not working.  It was too light and too close to the GM's color, which made it hard to tell their in character diologue apart.  So I darkened the orange on Vivi's text balloons to help her lines stand out a bit better visually.

Building from the first entry and the previous one, Page 33 had a line I'd later cut making reference to a Madoka based campaign.  The page here was made before I changed Vivi's balloon color, and since I'd cut the line, I never corrected the balloon color.

Small change to Page 39: I just swapped out the last panel's image for something more ominous.

I made a pretty glaring mistake in Page 41's first line. I didn't catch it until after the page had been ready in the buffer for a few weeks.

Page 60's last panel was originally kind of weak. It sort of just... hangs there. I looked through my extra screenshots for the fight between Big Band and Cerebella to find something with better impact, and used that instead.

What's in a name?

Crypts & Crazies is far from the first title I played around with.  Here are the ones I thought about before going with Crypts.

Mafias & Maguffins

Monasteries & Maids

Cities & Skullgirls

The only reason I didn't go with one of the first two was I didn't want to have the abbreviation M&M for the title.